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Expert Advice: How to find a job in London?

job in London
Many people wonder what it's like to work in a big city. For some, it appears to be a daunting experience, while for others, it appears to be an exhilarating chance. Obtaining employment in London is not impossible. It is feasible to begin a job while meeting some wonderful people. When looking to get work in London, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Living in London is a dream come true!

London is the most historic and beautiful city in the world with a thriving nightlife, highly diverse population, an unrivalled public transportation system, and a myriad of events and activities that take place all year.

London has received the title of most popular city to work in the world and the epicentre of economic growth, with ten times as many job opportunities as the next best region of the country, the southeast. This European Finance capital ranks top worldwide in Fintech and Insurtech. Despite Brexit, London continues to be the most attractive place for top talents worldwide. However, due to the high degree of competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find work and relocate to the United Kingdom. But that doesn't rule out the possibility. It's more of a stumbling block than anything else.

Here are some strategies you can implement to get a job in London

1- Check which UK visa is right for you

Obtaining a work visa in the UK is more complex than in many other nations, but it isn't a major impediment to relocating to London. Find an expert and choose the right visa for you.

2- Expand your network

Networking is most important to get a job as more than half of corporate jobs are filled by referrals. Most businesses prefer to hire someone referred by their colleagues and friends. This is very true when the applicant is new to the UK market, and the companies and positions mentioned on his/her CV is unfamiliar in the UK. Be open and contact friends, visit networking events and job fairs,  join social media groups like the Facebook group “Indians in London” and LinkedIn groups as per your sector. If you're unsure how to network, enrol for networking bite-size courses on Linkedin, Coursera, Udemy, Edex etc

3- Make an excellent curriculum vitae (CV) and Cover Letter

The London employment market is vast, but so is the candidate pool. To ensure that you stand out, you'll need to create an outstanding CV and Cover letter. It might be beneficial to work with a London-based career adviser to assist design your resume for the city's companies. It's vital to know that in the United Kingdom, submitting a "resume" is uncommon; thus, naming your document "CV" is a better idea. There was a distinction between a CV and a resume in the past, but in today’s time, there is no difference.

4- Job boards, online applications and recruiters

With an increasing job opening, you will find a plethora of job sites or job boards. In recent days LinkedIn has been one of the best job sites for professionals. Job boards like Totaljobs or Jobsite, Reed, Indeed or a simple google search will help you to find jobs in London. If an online search is not helpful, find a recruitment agency. Recruiting firms are fantastic for getting your foot in the door for an interview.

5- Get ready for your interview.

Interview preparation is not universal. What works in India may not work in the UK. Be prepared for situational, competency-based and behavioural interview questions in addition to your core technical skills. Learn online interview basics to avoid any embarrassment. If you have difficulty understanding some or specific English accents, listen to British programs to familiarise yourself with different accents. Speak slow and clear to ensure your interviewers clearly understand you. If you’re nervous, find a career expert, they are great at getting you hired.

6- Prepare to move

Finding a job in London might be difficult, but adjusting to a new place can be much more difficult. With a large number of expats living in London, there are several expat groups that can help you feel at home as soon as you arrive. Read magazines like Technologist Confidant to learn UK work culture, pay and tax system, updates on UK market and various carer advancement tips.

Getting a job in London might be tricky, but the city is full of possibilities, and all you have to do is seek out those possibilities.

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