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Know what industry leaders have to say about the UK tech sector

Industry Leaders and Experts are convinced that the new technological centres sprouting up across the United Kingdom will offer new opportunities and values for international talents.

The United Kingdom benefits from a one-of-a-kind mix of the world’s most advanced and robust governance regimes. It is particularly supportive of financial services,innovation, stimulating competition in the various sectors, and offering customers more choice.

With government initiatives promoting cutting-edge technology, supporting groundbreaking research with funding and offering a fertile ground for overseas tech businesses to grow, the UK tech sector has turned into the most favourable place for innovators worldwide.

For overseas talent and entrepreneurs, leaders and experts agree that the new technology hubs developing across the UK create new opportunities and values for people, organisations and local communities. Even if, in the beginning, they feel
disconnected and face new challenges, making hard work as a foundation, they can benefit from today’s UK technology sector that is more open and resilient than ever before.

Chief Commercial Officer of All Terrain All Electric- an innovative start-up based in Glasgow, United Kingdom developing a back-to-basics electric four-wheel-drive vehicle, Seeve Nair ( LinkedIn), witnessed “many ups and downs” during his 45 years of stay in the UK; however, to overcome the challenges, he put his faith in “hard work” and the available support system. In a conversation with Technologist Confidant, Seeve shared, “I do not think the problems I faced are any more than in other countries.” As a highly experienced technology executive and business leader, Seeve didn’t limit himself from learning more, “I have always sought to grow as a person and learnt from people a lot younger than me in terms of
technology/product knowledge

Being a commercially orientated technologist, Seeve is passionate about creating new opportunities by advocating democratising technology and innovation to business. When asked about how the existing tech community in the UK can support international professionals and entrepreneurs, he iterates, “experience in life and people skills cannot be taught, if you are willing to share strengths and weaknesses with potential collaborations or partnerships then together you will create success and something meaningful.”

Seeve’s ideologies hold deep meaning and match with our thoughts. We acknowledge that “life experience” cannot be 100% taught but gained through individual life involvement. It is why we have made it our mission to connect technologists with experts from the industry so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes that can create a barrier in expanding their careers in the UK tech industry.

Another industry expert and an overseas professional, Vikas Tripathi’s ( LinkedIn ) thoughts resonate with Seeve; he said, “companies in the UK create new tech roles in diverse industries and has been known as a thriving tech sector.” However, to excel in your career, your skillsets alone are not enough. He adds,
“explore the UK as a place of opportunities by interacting as much and build a good network to skill-up and enhance yourself.”

Vikas is the Managing Director of Heliocor, London. Heliocor is a regulatory, technology and consulting company that wants to change the way the world does business. He helps clients cope with the ever-changing demands of regulation by delivering solutions that meet compliance and regulatory requirements, specifically in the area of fraud detection and prevention. Prior to Heliocor, he was the Head of Technology Sales at Oracle, London. We highly regard his experience-driven opinions that are will surely help aspiring technologists. He suggests TC readers, “to venture into innovative and emerging technologies according to the current fast- paced market, for example, Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is something experts should get into as the growth in these fields are mere triple digits and will soon shoot up.”

Apart from enhancing professional network, participation and understanding the demand for skills in the UK tech sector, British culture is the inescapable truth that every tech professional should be aware of.

A Senior Careers Coach at Queen Mary University of London Iain McLoughlin (LinkedIn) points out that, “Different culture, language, different business working environment. They’re not ‘problems’; as such, more they are learning points and your career ladder. It’s important to understand and appreciate different cultures and different working practices. What works in the USA won’t necessarily be good in the UK, for example. If you are going to lead or manage, you’ll need to adapt and flex and understand.”

Iain works closely with senior professionals and business school students in several world leading business schools including London Business School (LBS), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (CJBS). He was previously director of careers at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. He describes himself as an ‘asset manager’ helping undergraduates and postgraduates maximise a return on their most important asset- their career.

Talking about the people aspiring to come to the UK, he firmly believes that research is the essence of everything. Knowledge about “the company and market, using LinkedIn to build out your contacts and your sector knowledge” is the correct way to start before coming to the UK.

In his conclusive remarks, Iain said, “technology is changing the nature of work much faster than we can change our skills. Your career will change due to both internal and external forces. Embrace all disruptions, and I think you’ll find you also advance professionally and personally from it.”

In this complied interview article, Technology Confidant finds invaluable insiders’ perspective and believes it is a catalyst for shaping overseas technologists’ careers in the fastest way. Our advice to tech experts who are already in the UK and striving towards success or aspiring to make a successful career in the UK, leverage other tech experts and industry leaders’ experiences and grow 10X faster in your career.

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