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Message from the editorial team

Message from the editorial team
It’s been three months since we last examined the UK tech sector from an insider’s lens and put forward vital pieces of arguments, most relevant information and expertise through our second edition— The Status of Women in the UK Tech Sector.

We feel incredibly honoured to have connected with some of the most innovative and boundary-pushing women and men throughout the second edition, informing women tech professionals on how to make a place in the tech industry and find their own point of existence.

For our “One of a Kind” portfolio, the entire team at Technologist Confidant chose individuals we deemed to be originals and asked them questions about the landscape for women in the UK technology industry. Our heartfelt thanks to Somi Arian, Susana-Ponce Froment, Sheree Atcheson, Renee Hawkins, Raghu Kerakkaty and Oriyomi Fowler for coming forward and supporting our cause.

Reflecting on the love we received from our readers, and hoping to collect more love, here we are again with our latest edition, June-August 2022 Understanding the UK Work Culture. This edition offers practical insights to help overseas professionals with in-depth research into UK culture and how it differs from other parts of the world. It also suggests practical implications for our readers who are concerned about their welfare and integration in the UK, such as social and business cultural elements, the British way of life, long-held traditions, and other relevant information. It is vital because the UK is a multicultural country and is also popular among global technology talent for its vibrant and innovative technology sector.

We can be confident of one thing in the following weeks and months – and our experience over the last three months has confirmed this - this edition will play its full role as a "Confidant" to international technologists attempting to adjust to the UK culture and prosper in their jobs.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we did making it. Email technologistconfidant@themistl.co.uk if you have any recommendations, and follow us on social media for updates.

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