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On Reflection!

On Reflection

The successful launch of Technologist Confidant’s first edition: How to BEAT the uncertainties of an overseas career, is a shining example of our editorial team’s capability and talent in bringing information, research and people together and providing trustworthy, most relevant information, expertise and insider’s perspectives at one place.

2021 was the year of conception, creation and realisation for our vision and mission to empower global technologists to make well-informed career choices and thrive in the UK's tech sector. It was also a year of hard work, rigorous research and team development. Looking back at the previous year, we are proud of what we achieved as a team. Like any other editorial team, we faced challenges from finding the right talent for the editorial team to finding the balance in the new world of working. It was difficult to persuade industry experts to contribute to the inaugural issue without an established track record; as Technologist Confidant is the first of its kind magazine, we didn't find a comparable publication to draw motivation from. Additionally, remote working didn't help the newly formed team leading to more incomprehension and miscommunication.

We, however, rigorously gathered research findings and insights and meticulously curated high-quality, relevant content for our readers despite all these challenges. We are highly grateful to Lee McIntyre-Hamilton, Junior Ogunyemi, Sri Kanthadai, Seeve Nair, Vikas Tripathi and Iain McLoughlin for coming forward and supporting our vision.

The first edition of Technologist Confidant became the source of information for technologists coming to the UK for a tech career or already having a tech career in the UK but looking for a growth opportunity. The objective was to provide an overall understanding of the UK’s technology landscape and existing opportunities for international talent. However, some saw this publication as an attempt to persuade individuals to leave their home nations and migrate to the United Kingdom. Instead, our objective is to support technology professionals and business leaders to thrive in the UK tech sector as well as those who are motivated to come to the UK for international career prospects but lack tools to inform their decisions.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and we as a team learnt a lot from our first publishing experiences, which we will be putting into practice for our future edition. In this second edition, "What is the landscape for women in technology in the United Kingdom”, we hope to offer better content and more valuable knowledge, information and updates. The second edition, March-May 2022, focuses on providing an overall picture of the status of women in the UK’s technology sector. It is important because the UK is emerging as the global technology leader, with ground-breaking technological advancements and the most progressive gender parity policy measures; countries have looked to the United Kingdom as a model.

Technologist Confidant deep dives to find the answers to most general questions concerning women's participation in tech jobs. Technology was the most actively invested sector after COVID-19 and Brexit, and we ask the question: What has been done since for the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry? We will underline the conclusive efforts of women taking an active role to build up their careers in the technology sector. 

Being mindful of our readers' time, we kept all our articles succinct and straightforward. However, in some instances, we had to elaborate more to ensure our readers understood what we wanted to communicate. We acknowledge our limitations and recognise them as an excellent scope for us to improve. With each new edition, we are committed to bringing high-quality content.

Send us an email at technologistconfidant@themistl.co.uk if you have any recommendations and follow us on social media for updates.

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