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Samantha Leeman: “2022 Is The Most Active Year To Date For Tech & It Continues To Grow.”

Samantha Leeman

In order to get a general understanding of the hiring process and to learn about the career opportunities that are most common in the UK, TC spoke with Samantha Leeman, the managing director of Entrust People.

As the UK tech industry is gearing towards adding an estimated 15,000 jobs this year, 2022 has become the busiest year in tech recruitment. According to a new report compiled by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) for its State of the Tech Workforce UK report, organisations employed nearly 2 million tech workers in the United Kingdom as of 2021.

Hiring durations have also decreased significantly. The time between receiving a CV and accepting an offer used to be weeks or even months, but it is now as little as five to seven days for some positions. The job market is definitely in favour of candidates right now, and you have the world at your feet, but we believe before things settle down, you should take the first step and apply for one of the 15,000 tech jobs.

“You will likely end up with more than one job offer to choose from”, says  Samantha Leeman, a UK-based Career Coach, Tech Recruiter and Scrum Master. In an interview with us, Samantha spoke about job prospects, common mistakes to avoid, and the most important element required for a successful role in British organisations.

As a creative, efficient and flexible tech recruiter, Samantha was recently appointed as the Managing Director of Entrust People, a privately-owned resourcing consultancy headquartered in Dundee, which offers a combined 32 years of experience in IT recruitment. As a Scrum Master, Samantha has attracted and delivered on some of the most challenging transformation programs on the Tech Scene. Through this, she has empowered hundreds of people to transform their careers and advised companies large and small to enable them to build tech teams and create strategies to support their growth. Samantha’s unique position in tech recruitment benefits our readers strategically by pursuing a tech career in the UK. Here’s what she has to say.

What does the UK sector look like regarding job prospects?

The UK Tech sector is bustling at the moment. 2022 is the most active year to date, and the industry continues to grow. The top cities in the UK for Tech jobs include London, Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.

What is your first advice for international talent looking for a UK job?

My first piece of advice is to do your research and be targeted with your job search. The market here is diverse, and many sectors look for staff and thousands of opportunities. You will likely end up with more than one job offer to choose from, so knowing what you are looking for in terms of industry, job, salary etc., puts you in a strong position to select and make the best decision for you.

What are the most common mistakes candidates make that lead to rejection?

The most common mistakes I see are people not tailoring their application to the job advert. You’ll want to make your CV stand out among the other applications by highlighting the skills and experience that are related to the advert. Also, when you are invited for an interview, demonstrate that you have researched the company and the role, and be clear about why you want that specific job. You will have applied for many jobs, but you want to ensure you are prepared when you get in front of each potential employer.

Can you share the general hiring procedure of a UK employer?

Procedures can be different across companies, no company will follow the same hiring process. You can usually expect your first interview to be a little more informal, maybe more of an introductory call. The second stage can involve many different things but will likely be face-to-face (over video or in-person) and include more thorough questions about your experience and what you have achieved in the past. There can also be exercises for technical roles; they could be a test beforehand or something to work on when you arrive for the interview.

Some companies only do one interview; some do up to 3 or 4, depending on how senior the job is. Always ask what you should prepare for in the interview process for each position at the beginning; then, you can be ready to be at your best, whatever the situation.

What are the most important elements to consider while applying to a British organisation?

The most important aspect to consider is what is suitable for you. It is you. After all, you will get up to do the job every day. There are significant talent shortages in the UK, so many companies might try to convince you that their job is the one you should choose. Think about what sort of culture, ways of working, type of work, and industry you are looking for and go with what suits you.

Any interview advice?

The most in-demand skill (outside of technical ones) in the UK at the moment is communication. Many companies talk about the challenges they face trying to find people who can build good working relationships and communicate well with people across a company. If you can show up to your interview and be clear and concise about your answers, this will put you ahead of the rest.

Always research before you get there, and let your passion for what you do shine through. If you are nervous, practice answering interview questions with family and friends beforehand, and above all, remember: You don’t need to be anxious; you deserve to be at the interview. The company has invited you there because they need someone with your skills, all you have to do is show them what you can do.

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