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Tej Lalvani: A Dragon A CEO

Tej Lalvani: A Dragon A CEO

Tej Lalvani, an esteemed businessman, is well-known for serving as the CEO of Vitabiotics and as a "Dragon" on Dragons' Den. Tej, who is in charge of Vitabiotics, is driven by a desire to use science to improve everyone's lives. He emphasises the value of dietary supplements as well as the need for a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet.

From working at McDonald's to becoming the CEO of Vitabiotics, Tej Lalvani always emphasised resilience, teamwork, and humility, which enabled him to become the company's CEO at a very young age. His conviction and enthusiasm for using science to enhance people's quality of life through a combination of the proper diet, lifestyle, and supplements played a significant role in the company's development, making Vitabiotics the largest vitamin company in the UK. In addition to serving as the company's CEO, he is a fervent investor in companies like Hanna Sillitoe, NitNOT, Wool Couture, among many others, and a seasoned real estate investor.

Professor Kartar Lalvani, Tej's father, founded Vitabiotics in 1971, and it has since grown to be the nation's top supplier of specialised vitamins, offering a line of goods that includes Perfectil, Wellwoman, and Pregnacare. Tej has played a crucial role in guiding the business into the digital era after taking over the reins from his father and has achieved substantial success over the past 20 years. His company now has a yearly revenue of more than £300 million, which is an evidence of his achievement.

Achievements of Tej Lalvani

Tej was a forklift operator in the Vitabiotics warehouse prior to taking on his present leadership responsibilities. Tej Lalvani eventually became increasingly involved in several other facets of the business, such as branding, advertising, and product design, as he gained patience and mental fortitude over the years. As a result, Lalvani ascended through the ranks of the organisation, making some of the early strides toward developing into the successful businessman he is now. Tej Lalvani's undoubted commercial acumen has enabled him to contribute to Vitabiotics' digital expansion significantly. He has won a number of prestigious accolades as a result of his talents. He was included on GG2's Power List of the Most Influential Asian People in Britain and twice received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Not to mention, because of his work with Vitabiotics, the company was honoured with the Queen's Award for Innovation and named Boots' Supplier of the Year. Tej continues to prosper as one of the top after-dinner speakers in the nation by drawing on the priceless lessons discovered while functioning at the vanguard of British industry.

Vitabiotics: A brief overview

Vitabiotics, an innovative British company dedicated to human health and research, has been producing health care products for over 45 years. The London-based company has developed a distinctive line of goods that are at the cutting edge of research in essential areas, including nutrition and women's health.

At Vitabiotics, each product is formulated utilising the most recent research available and prepared to the highest pharmaceutical standards in order to deliver optimum efficacy by assisting the human body in its natural processes. The secret to Vitabiotics' success is innovation, and this entails maintaining at the forefront of global research while also remaining perceptive to the particular needs of consumers. The mission of Vitabiotics is to transform the most recent scientific discoveries into valuable goods that seamlessly fit into contemporary consumer lifestyles. The brand portfolio of Vitabiotics comprises a number of market leaders and some of the UK's fastest-rising dietary supplements.

Marketing strategy of Vitabiotics

Tej Lalvani is primarily in charge of marketing, advertising, branding, and product design, even though Tej's father, Kartar Singh Lalvani, is still the company's chairman. In addition to employing conventional channels like celebrity endorsements, print, television, and outdoor advertising, he moved the business into the social media era by developing campaigns to attract younger clients. The brand is renowned for including well-known individuals in its outdoor advertisements, such as Nicole Scherzinger and Tess Daly, among many others.

From Vitabiotics and Dragons’ Den to charity

Tej is extremely passionate about supporting crucial educational programmes and health awareness efforts in addition to his objective of growing Vitabiotics into the largest speciality vitamin company in the world. A variety of charities, including Bliss, which supports sick and premature infants, and Wellbeing of Women, which promotes the well-being of women and children in the UK, are supported by Vitabiotics.

The BBC's commissioning editor for entertainment praised him as the "shrewdest" and "coolest" entrepreneur when he joined Dragons' Den in 2017. According to the broadcaster, Tej invested £1,897,666 while he was on the Den. In 2018, he partnered with Jenny Campbell to invest in the energy-saving company Look After My Bills, which handles your switching. Only 3 per cent of the company's equity was taken in exchange for £120,000.

The Vitabiotics CEO stated that the most frequent error he sees in the business world is failing to comprehend what the other side is looking for, but emphasised that it is the key to closing a deal during a live-stream webinar with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Then he continues, "It’s about how you build a rapport with that person. People like to do business with the people they like".

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