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Welcome From Technologist Confidant

Welcome From Technologist Confidant
With each new edition, a plethora of fresh ideas have been introduced that define and distinguish the word Technologist Confidant from others in its past.

Welcome to the world of Technologist Confidant, a highly regarded quarterly online publication that was founded as a one-stop platform for all information regarding the United Kingdom's technology sector and its operations. Whether you are a prospective technologist interested in learning more about the UK tech domain, or an experienced technologist looking to advance your career in the burgeoning tech sector, Technologist Confidant will cut through the noise and deliver the most accurate account of career opportunities, UK work culture, entrepreneurship, insider's tips & advice for a thriving career.

Having grown from 10 visitors to 1000 unique daily visitors to our website and a strong presence on social media since our first release, we've come a long way, and we're proud of it. Today, we hold the reins in promoting professional growth in the UK IT industry. However, Technologist Confidant's ambition is broad, and much of the work that the creators envisioned remains incomplete. With each new edition, a plethora of fresh ideas is introduced that define and distinguish the word Technologist Confidant from others in its past.

Looking back to the second edition— Status of Women in the UK Tech Sector, we succeeded in digging deeper to find the answers to most general questions concerning women's participation in tech jobs. In doing so, we highlighted reasons for low participation and notable steps taken by the UK government. Moreover, it presented inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs. It created an interactive channel between female/male tech evangelists and other women technologists out there, boosting their morale and providing an insider’s perspective on how to succeed in the tech industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank industry leaders for showing their generosity and sharing valuable knowledge and insights with our readers.

What’s next?

Since we pledged to provide 360-degree support for career advancement in the UK, we believe it is time to address one of the most overlooked aspects of lucrative foreign careers, 'Culture.' Cultural values and normal behaviours within a society influence how people feel about their professions and, in many cases, set their expectations of a new country. Learning about a culture teaches us to recognise and respect "ways of being" that are not always our own, allowing us to adapt to an international situation effortlessly.

In our daily interactions with overseas professionals, we have witnessed people unknowingly overlook essential aspects of UK culture, be it personal or professional, impacting their performance and competitive position in the new market. However, with the release of the third edition, Technologist Confidant is here to help global talent better understand UK culture's complex and challenging contexts.

Believe it or not, figuring out when and what to say and how to make negative sound positive can impact multiple aspects of Life in the UK. As a ‘Confidant’ to our readers, it is our responsibility to write about Work Culture, British business culture, things to remember when in the UK and lots more.

How does Technology Confidant benefit its Readers?

Technologist Confidant's editorial staff will produce unique UK tech career content based on extensive academic research and the real-world experiences of UK tech industry specialists, not as critics but as friends. Our revolutionary content platform enables a 360-degree perspective, saving our readers the time and effort of surfing a multitude of websites and reading a plethora of books and safeguarding them from being misled. Overall, we've got you covered whether you're looking for work or want to start your own business in the UK tech sector. We are dedicated to delivering much-needed knowledge, thoroughly sourced material, and reliable research-backed insight together in a single click.

Your ‘Confidant’

Technologist Confidant Editorial Team

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