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12 UK-Based Tech Firms With First-Rate Employee Benefits

  • In Employment
  • 23 Sep 2022, 08:07 AM
  • By Technologist Confidant
UK tech companies
The kind of employee benefits that companies provide might vary significantly across the many industries in the UK. The majority of these companies already offer the advantages you may anticipate, such as group life insurance. But in this case, our primary attention is on the added benefits that give the list of benefits more "wow factor."

Employee benefits are essential for businesses to retain top talent. Due to the Great Resignation, in which disgruntled workers left in droves in search of better opportunities, this has become even more crucial for businesses. The retention and attraction of employees now heavily rely on employee benefits. But what do employees actually desire when it comes down to it? Often, it involves trust, suppleness, and a healthy work-life balance. Here are the UK IT companies offering the best benefits to employees.


Online bank Monzo has more than 4 million clients. Since its establishment in 2015, Monzo has transformed its company from a financial app developer into one of the most popular online banks in the nation. It has also produced one of the financial services apps that have been downloaded the most in the UK.

Monzo, which debuted in 2015, has developed from a risk-taking startup into a fully-fledged online bank with a more than $4.5 billion valuation. Although the company has locations in London, Cardiff, and San Francisco, employees can also work from home. Monzo has about 1,600 employees, according to its website.

The following are a few of Monzo's most alluring employee benefits:

  • Pay raises that are proactive and biannual salary reviews
  • Yearly budget of £1000 for education
  • Loans for season tickets from the Commuter Club
  • Primary caregiver leave for 52 weeks
  • Discounts on Headspace meditation app subscriptions


A fintech startup called Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, offers currency conversion services. Wise has received numerous honours and accolades for its employee benefits, including Instar Attractive Employer 2019.

Among those honourable advantages are:

  • Employees receive a £1,000 bonus after 4 years of service.
  • Annual enterprise journey to Estonia
  • Up to 5% in increased pension contributions
  • funding for cultural clubs and athletic events
  • 26 weeks of paid maternity leave in complete and 13 weeks of paid leave.


Zego is a UK-based "InsurTech" startup company. Zego began by supplying motorbike insurance coverage to gig economy drivers. By integrating with Deliveroo and Uber Eats and providing vehicle insurance to all of its drivers, Zego has broadened its customer base.

Several of Zego's more intriguing advantages are as follows:

  • Competitive compensation and stock options
  • Working equipment at home
  • Career guidance
  • Sessions of therapeutic counselling with Blackwood Consultants
  • 24 weeks of fully paid maternity or primary caregiving leave


The arrival of Klarna in the UK in 2016 caused a stir in the tech community. As more buying shifted online during the epidemic, the Swedish-based online payment provider experienced exponential growth. This tech behemoth has two UK locations at the moment, one in Manchester and one in London, and over 200 employees spread around the nation.

Here are just a few of the employment perks that Klarna provides to its UK employees:

  • 33 days of vacation are available to employees each year.
  • Employees that achieve their goals receive an annual bonus.
  • Klarna offers the best life, health, and travel insurance for employees.
  • Up to 5% of employee contributions are matched by the business.
  • Additionally, employees receive a complimentary Plus membership on the Freetrade app and regular team lunches with some of London's best cuisine.


A software startup called Soldo creates online tools to assist companies in managing their expenditures. From its modest origins as a relatively small company, Soldo has expanded tremendously and now uses its software to help over 26,000 businesses in Europe increase their financial efficiency.

The following are some beneficial benefits that Soldo provides to its staff:

  • £500 in development compensation
  • Periodic salary reviews
  • For business spending, use a Soldo card
  • Bicycle-to-work programme
  • Regular team-building activities


The primary UK offices of US payment juggernaut PayPal are situated in Richmond, London, along the Thames. Additionally, it has a location in London's West End. The UK teams, according to the firm's website, range from finance, legal, and technical engineering to sales, credit, product, and marketing. It won the major firm category of the UK's Best Workplace award in 2019.

The following are the employee perks that employees value most:

  • All permanent employees and their families are covered for medical and dental expenses.
  • Free exercise courses are available to UK PayPal employees at the Richmond facility.
  • Every week employees can receive a free 15-minute chair massage every week to help them relax on Mondays.
  • Employees and family members can use the Calm app for free, perpetually.

Thought Machine

The UK-based tech firm Thought Machine creates fundamental banking software. The company's most well-known offering is a service called Vault, which uses cloud computing to assist banks in managing their online infrastructure and add an additional layer of IT protection.

The most appealing advantages of Thought Machine include:

  • Health cash plan with provisions for dental and vision care
  • Onsite fitness centre with paid membership
  • Memberships in clubs for sports or hobbies
  • Social gatherings with arcade games every month
  • Complimentary beverages, snacks, fruit, and cereal


Having been established in California in 2008, Airbnb has snowballed over the past several years, reaching a public listing in 2020. There are currently 23 offices for the brand around the world, including one in London. Airbnb is a desirable employer choice, and it frequently appears in employee wellness surveys as a shining example of how businesses can enhance their employer brand.

The major features and advantages that make Airbnb so alluring are listed below:

  • A yearly travel allowance that enables staff to visit various Airbnbs around the globe is one of the most sought-after Airbnb perks.
  • Airbnb gives employees a range of options for family and parental leave in addition to work-from-home possibilities and flexible housing.
  • Although working from home negates the need for this, many employees have praised the "restaurant-quality" meals at the workplace that we felt were important to include.
  • Significant advantages of working for the corporation include health care, disability benefits, life insurance, and dental and vision coverage.


A UK-based software company called Sonovate specialises in offering invoice finance tools and services, especially to staffing firms. Among many other functions, its software can assist in handling the hiring of the numerous staff that these agencies are in charge of.

Several of their most intriguing advantages are as follows:

  • Choices for fully remote working
  • Techscheme for remote work equipment with Apple and Currys PC World
  • Membership savings at the gym are 50%
  • Audible, Calm, and Duolingo are just a few of the paid applications that are currently 50% off.
  • Specsavers gift cards for vision care


A fintech startup headquartered in London, iwoca has given more than £1 billion to more than 30,000 UK businesses. Utilising its cutting-edge lending tools to offer consumers quick responses and straightforward applications, the company provides flexible loans for small businesses.

The following are a few of iwoca's outstanding employee benefits:

  • Working for one week in a vacation spot like Sicily
  • The utilisation of the Spill Workplace Nursery Tax Benefit Program to obtain Access to mental health services
  • Corporate forums and seminars
  • Perpetual unpaid leave
  • Access to mental health services


With over 800,000 users, Freetrade is a multi-award-winning investment app. In order to make the stock market more approachable for the typical user, the app offers a commission-free stock trading service that is made to be as quick and easy to use as possible.

Freetrade provides a number of alluring employment benefits, such as:

  • Yearly bonus programme
  • Family-friendly travel insurance
  • Free headphones and a MacBook
  • A Plus account on the Freetrade app is available.
  • Weekly team meals in London


A digital business called Onfido offers a service to check the validity of government-issued IDs using AI algorithms. The programme, which can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device, is frequently used to assist organisations in quickly and effectively proving the identity of a user.

Onfido provides a wide range of benefits to employees, including the following:

  • Benefits platform Onfido Balance, which offers a variety of health benefits
  • Exercise and wellbeing grants
  • Offerings of equity to all workers
  • Team learning activities and a book and software library for employees

In a 2018 Hired analysis, more than half (55 per cent) of tech professionals said pay and perks are the most important things to them when deciding whether to accept a job offer or not. You may differentiate your business from the competition when attempting to recruit top talent by providing health insurance, relocation assistance, tuition reimbursement, wellness stipends, paid parental leave, and other benefits.