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How To Seek A Job Using LinkedIn

  • In Career Advice
  • 28 Jul 2022, 06:14 AM
  • By Technologist Confidant
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As a foreign professional in the UK, you should use LinkedIn primarily as a tool to develop your professional brand and expand your network to create new prospects.

With 690 million users in 200 nations, LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet. Over 28 million people utilise the network in the UK, where professionals frequently use it. With each new connection you create, the platform supports your network's rapid expansion and allows you to meet an average of 400 unique individuals.

You should use LinkedIn primarily as a tool to develop your professional brand and expand your network to attract new possibilities as a foreign professional working in the UK. Finally, if you're still not convinced why you should sign up for the platform, 94 per cent of employers profess to utilise it to screen applicants.

For the advancement of your job, your LinkedIn profile can be a priceless resource. It serves as your portfolio to the business world. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your entry in a massive virtual directory of everyone in your field. Consider it as your online resume as well. In fact, LinkedIn profiles are being used more frequently by both employers and job seekers as an addition to or even a replacement for the conventional CV.

What it means to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile

Every time you make a new business contact, there's a high probability that person has already sought you up on LinkedIn or will later. By clearly indicating your interests, a strong LinkedIn profile will help you connect with other professionals who share your interests, raise your credibility and reputation within your field of work, attract the attention of prospective employers and increase your chances of landing a job.

How can you make your LinkedIn profile more appealing to British employers?

In the UK, there are 28 million LinkedIn users, as was already reported. How then can you differentiate yourself from the competition and win the favour of hiring managers? When recruiters search through your social media, having a nice-looking account boosts your likelihood of being discovered or making an impact.

  • Selecting the appropriate LinkedIn profile image

  • On LinkedIn, your profile image serves as your business card. It introduces you to others and determines their initial impressions of you. Here are some basic pointers to get you started: Make sure the photo is current and portrays you; wear what you'd like to wear to work; choose a headshot focusing 60 per cent of your face; grin with your eyes!

  • Don't limit your headline to a simple job title

  • There is no requirement that the job title appears as the only description at the top of your profile page. Use the headline field to elaborate on your perspective on your job, the motivations behind your actions, and what makes you click. Look at the headlines on the profile pages of your sales representatives at your organisation that are adept at social selling. They almost definitely won't just list their job titles.

  • Transform your summary into a narrative

  • Ensure you have a LinkedIn summary; that much is the first thing to say about it. It's incredible how many people still choose to omit this information from their LinkedIn profiles. Use your summary to convey your own story; don't just list your qualifications or previous positions. Try to illustrate the value of such skills and their impact on the people you deal with. Don't be afraid to put in some time, attempt a few revisions, and ask some people you know to read your summary. It's worth the time and effort because this is your most intimate piece of content marketing.

  • Make buzzwords your adversary

  • Adjectives used in headlines and summaries on LinkedIn so frequently that they almost have no meaning are known as buzzwords. Additionally, you need to exhibit them through your self-description and the ways in which you utilise the LinkedIn profile's capabilities to highlight your values.

  • List your skills

  • One of the easiest quick wins on LinkedIn is to browse the list of skills and pick out the ones that apply to you. By doing this, you enable others a place to promote you and support the description in your headline and summary. But here, staying informed is crucial. A lengthy list of abilities that aren't really essential to who you are and what you do can become cumbersome.

  • Put your services in the spotlight

  • A new LinkedIn feature called Services makes it easier for consultants, freelancers, and employees of smaller companies to highlight the variety of services they provide. Your visibility in search results might be increased by filling out the Services section of your profile.

  • Encourage others to endorse

  • Your talents are validated, and your credibility is raised by the endorsements of other members. Start by going through your network and identifying acquaintances who you believe genuinely merit your recommendation; this is, frequently, what prompts others to return the favour. Don't be scared to ask for support on a few important skills in a courteous message as well. But keep in mind that relevancy is important. Make contact with those whose approval you would genuinely cherish.

  • Perform a skills evaluation

  • You can demonstrate the extent of your talents through an online test called a skills assessment, which will grant you the ability to display the Verified Skills badge on your profile. Data demonstrates that applicants with verified talents are about 30 per cent more likely to get hired for the positions they apply for. Providing evidence of your capabilities also helps you build a stronger personal brand overall. You are under no obligation to share the results of your skills assessments and are free to retake them as many times as necessary before declaring success.

  • Seek recommendations

  • Endorsements provide a quick, visual indication of your importance to others who are examining your profile. Recommendations advance the conversation. They are individualised testimonies that were written to describe working with you. You may quickly contact particular contacts and ask for suggestions using the convenient drop-down menu in the Recommendations section of your profile. Personalise your request by considering who you would value recommendations from the most.

  • Disseminate promotional materials

  • The marketing materials you create for your company might give your personal profile a new perspective. Sharing case studies, white papers, and other brand information demonstrates what the company you work for is all about and enables others to learn more about you. Additionally, it shows commitment and desire.

    It needn't take you hours to make your LinkedIn profile work harder for you. Try going through these concepts one at a time, building on top of one another, and you'll discover that you can move forward swiftly, even if you can only dedicate a short amount of time during your lunch break or after work. You'll be astounded at the difference your LinkedIn profile can make for both you and your business if you're using it to its full potential.