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Switch to UK Global Talent Visa from Skilled Worker Visa or Innovator Visa

UK Global Talent Visa, Skilled Worker visa , innovator Visa
Switching to UK Global Talent Visa from Skilled Worker Visa, Start-up Visa, Innovator Visa or Temporary Worker Visa can increase your chances of getting ILR followed by many other additional benefits. We have outlined the requirements and steps for you to apply to switch to Global Talent Visa successfully.

Are you on Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2), Start-up Visa, Innovator Visa or Temporary Worker Visa (Tier 5)? You are eligible to switch to Global Talent Visa within the UK and apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) sooner.

Why Switch to Global Talent Visa?

Due to various attractive benefits, many UK Skilled Worker and Innovator visa holders usually apply to switch to a Global Talent route instead of extending their visas.

The Global Talent Visa will grant them the following:

  • an opportunity to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) sooner
  • flexibility to work, freelance, open their business, or study full-time
  • status of a UK Talent which may open more doors in the British IT sector

Check If Eligible to Switch Global Talent Visa

You can apply to switch to the Global Talent Visa if you are on one of the following visa types:

  • Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2)
  • Temporary Worker Visa (Tier 5)
  • Start-up Visa
  • Innovator Visa

You should apply before your current visa expires.

Knowing the requirements associated with your current visa when transitioning to the Global Talent pathway is critical. Supplemental employment, for example, is authorised, but only if it is in the same profession as the sponsored role, for no more than 20 hours per week, outside of the sponsored role's regular working hours, and the individual informs their sponsor of the additional employment.

Another factor to consider when changing immigration categories is eligibility for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). If switching immigration categories is not feasible and it is required to leave the UK and ask for permission to enter, the continuity of ILR purposes may be broken.

Top tip: If you are on the innovator visa and have created a digital product, consider applying. Some of our clients do not qualify for Global Talent before the duration of their innovator visa but do qualify after the time of their innovator visa (or mid-way through). In certain circumstances, switching from innovator to Global Talent (and subsequently applying for ILR) is more straightforward than staying in the innovator visa category and meeting the ILR success criteria.

You are not eligible for a visa switch if you’re in one of the following circumstances:

  • On a Visit Visa
  • On a Short-term Student Visa
  • On a Parent of a Child Student Visa
  • On a Seasonal Worker Visa
  • On a Domestic Worker in a Private Household Visa
  • On immigration bail
  • You were permitted to stay outside the immigration rules (for example, on compassionate grounds)

In this case, you must leave the UK and apply for the Global Talent Visa from abroad.

How Will ILR Application Be Assessed?

Your ILR will be calculated based on the years you spent on the skilled worker or Innovator visa. For instance, if you have already held a Skilled Worker Visa or Innovator Visa for two years, you just need to apply for a one-year Global Talent Visa to qualify for ILR. If you've held a Skilled Worker or Innovator Visa for three years, the day after receiving your Global Talent Visa, you can file for ILR.

How To Apply For The Global Talent Visa?

If you intend to change to the Global Talent Visa, you must first apply for an endorsement. Tech Nation reviews applications from digital technology experts. The procedure is identical to obtaining an endorsement "from scratch," i.e. outside of the United Kingdom. If you have to leave the UK and you can apply for the Global Talent Visa from anywhere in the world

When you  apply for the Global talent visa endorsement, you are expected to explain why you want to switch. You must include your significant UK accomplishments, future plans and how the Global Talent Visa will help you achieve that.

Having Global Talent Visa status will open opportunities in the UK tech sector and put you in a favourable position to negotiate your salary or expand your network. This will allow you the freedom to work freelance, start a business, or pursue full-time education. By switching to a Global Talent Visa, you can earn more money, get peace of mind, and receive your ILR sooner.